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Maya Devi (Sri Damini Ma)
Tantric Yogini, Dancer and Teacher of Indian Dance and Mystic
Maya was initiated at the Tantra tradition of the Kaula path from its first Master and recognized TantraTeacheranddirectdisciple byhercurrentIndianTantricMaster Swami Shri Param Eswaran spreading the tradition of Tantrism SHAKTAS the living goddess "Living Goddess Tradition," the highest form of Tantra in the Hindù tradition.
Since 2007, the year of her return to Italy from abroad, Maya founded DEVI TANTRA YOGA based in Milan, the first Italian school of Tantrism, Shaktism "The living goddess tradition",Tantra Yoga, the SACRED TANTRA TOUCH, Para Tan Sound healing, Devi Yoga feminine Divine feminine and meditative dances Mystics and spreading the teachings of tradition through annual training, courses, individual and group courses, internship housing, travel and meditation retreats in India.

Maya she is also a professional dancer and she started dancing since the age of 8 experimenting various expressions from Tango, medieval and Renaissance dances, folk to those of southern Italy to take up various forms of Indian dances and Flamenco. She is always been passionate about nomad dances who recall her origin in Andalusia.
Maya is a dancer and teacher of meditative and mistyc Dance, Flamenco, DEVI DANCE ® inner dance of the goddess, gypsy dances of Rajasthan and Kalbeliya, Bollywood dance, Sufi dance and Sacred Dances of Devadasi.
For many years she is been experiencing and researching all the dances of the "Gipsy route", the route of gypsies who moved from India and arrived in spain. Following this passion she created NOMAD DANCE FEST, the first Italian Festival of Dance, Music and Culture of the Nomads.
Maya has always traveled a lot, especially in the East and America but she is still very attached to India and her Masters and she continues her spiritual journey with frequent trips at Indian Ashram for yoga and meditation retreats and annually organizes travel groups to discover the tantric routes and spiritual pilgrimages . Maya is vegan since the age of 20 years and makes use of herbs and natural methods to maintain a healthy body and mind according to the principles of nature.
Since 2010 he is president of the association MUDRARTE in Milan and co-founder of MUDRA Natural Lifestyle & cafe with her husband Marco to spread and supports a natural lifestyle where you can meet the union between body and spirit.
LANGUAGES: ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, SANSKRIT (yoga knowledge), HINDI (speaking knowledge)



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