Maytilli Devi

Mendoza Mendoza

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Yoga is the centrepiece of Maytilli Devi’s research who is teacher of Rishi Culture Ashtanga Yoga, or Gitananda Yoga, recognized by ICYER, India, where she specialized.

Maytilli gives classes in the Asociación Sophia, in Mendoza (Argentina). She is also Yoga teacher trainer in the same association.

She has been practicing yoga for more than 3 decades and she has been teaching it for two decades. She proposes a progressive approach to the yoga practice, inviting to the understanding of the deep interconnection existing among the physical, energetic and psychic dimensions.

Her main interest is to release deep breathing.

As she has defined it, the basic concept is to refine body perception and to improve the perception of breathing. Thus, based on a keen selection of ásanas, kriyas and pranayama, she proposes the training of attention with the aim of perceiving in a more sensitive way those muscular actions that sustain the voluntary commands of breathing. In doing so, then it is possible to make the needed personalized corrections in order to respect the natural intelligence of the body and its optimal dynamics. Only at this point it is possible to talk about complete breathing.

By joining a cleverer, determined action with the recovered dynamic spontaneity of the organism, a powerful alliance is generated between the body and the mind. This enormously facilitates the development of the posture and of breathing exercises. Pupils also experience greater concentration ability and the capability of entering in deeper states of relaxation and meditation.

The benefit is extended to the global quality of life; because by learning to listen to the continuous flow of information coming from our organism, we are helped restrain the excessive mental and emotional dissociations which prevent us from flowing into being in a healthy and harmonious way.

Strengthened by the organic experience of a vital flow of universal nature that goes through us and enlivens us, we are able to dismantle the paradigm of separateness and isolation that reigns over the human mind. We will have the opportunity of recognizing the grace and the intelligence of the cosmos we belong to, grasping the power implied in being centered in what IS.

This teaching is also useful for yoga teacher training, spiritual researchers, martial artists, sportspeople, therapists, etc.


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