Meagan McCrary

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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Meagan McCrary, 500 ERYT, is an experience yoga teacher, journalist and the author of Pick Your Yoga Practice: Exploring and Understanding Different Styles of Yoga (New World Library, December 15, 2013), a comprehensive encyclopedia of prominent yoga styles, including each system’s teaching methodology, elements of practice, philosophical and spiritual underpinnings, class structure, physical exertion and personal attention.

Once heavily involved in Anusara Yoga, a playful, alignment-based system of yoga, Meagan received her Anusara Inspired designation in 2009 and has gone on to explore not only other systems of yoga but also various healing modalities, which she has incorporated into her teaching. Her classes are fun, dynamic, educational and inspiring, combining elements of vinyasa flow, longer holds and thoughtful sequencing with a strong emphasis on alignment. Aside from her vast knowledge of anatomy, biomechanical alignment and yoga therapy, Meagan’s capacity to understand profound esoteric concepts while remaining grounded in mainstream culture, has helped her to become an exceptional yoga teacher with a gift for relating abstract ideas in ways that even her least spiritual students find accessible. And her positive enthusiasm is contagious.

Also a wellness and lifestyle expert, McCrary has been featured on Good Day Sacramento, Sacramento and Company, Arizona Midday, Good Morning Arizona, CBS Radio and more. She is the co-author of the dating guide The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags: Relationship Warning Sings You Totally Spotted But Chose to Ignore. Her work has also appeared in Elephant Journal, Whole Life Times, Yoga, Health News, , , and

Currently living in Los Angeles, Meagan teaches at the various Equinox Sports Clubs, works privately with clients and leads retreats internationally.


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