Mechelle Davis, C-IAYT, ERYT

Hapeville, GA
United States

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Mechelle Davis,ERYT is an experienced yoga teacher who specializes in working with the mature body. She had practiced for over 35 years and taught for 19 yrs. Mechelle is registered with the Yoga Alliance as well and the International Association of Yoga Therapist.

She is founder and owner of the South Atlanta's premier studio - Yoga Hive Healing Arts Studio aka " Yoga Hive" located in Hapeville, GA at 1001 Virginia Ave. # 202. She also is been employed with Clayton County Senior Services teaching yoga therapy for senior for 15 years. Her teaching spans the state, united states and abroad.

Mechelle's practical down-to-earth teaching style is her signature to those seeking a gentle entry into the wonderful world of yoga and meditation. Throughout the years she has become known as the guide to whole body transformation especially with the "high miles" body. Bring your body to me, she said and I'll show you how to be, do and live your work in it!

Mechelle is a certified: Reflexologist, Reiki III teacher/practitioner, and meditation facilitator.


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