Meg Stevenson

Edmonton, AB

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My journey with yoga started 13 years ago when I was studying psychology in college, working two jobs and needed a way to deal with stress. My yoga mat quickly became my sanctuary and I became addicted to the feeling of shedding heaviness both in my body and mind. By learning to stay connected with my breath I found the ability stay in the moment which has proved to be the catalyst for finding happiness and success in my life. The mere act of staying present is such a powerful tool as it immediately adds a sense of quality and care to everything that you do. I was so moved by how much yoga improved my quality of life I wanted to learn how to share this practice so I studied and received my first certification. I dove head first into teaching yoga and within six months I decided that I would make this into my career. Seven years later, a proud ambassador for Lululemon and loving every minute involved with this amazing Yoga community!


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