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United Kingdom

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Welcome! I am so grateful you have found me.

Whatever your age, sex, job, or religion, I know that yoga & meditation can help you.

My personal light bulb moment happened on a hot stuffy day in Sydney when I was a nervous wreck working an incredibly stressful event management job. I started to go to yoga at lunchtimes & after this one particular class I felt a profound shift. I went from this stressed out, tense being to suddenly feeling more in control of the voice inside my head, totally at ease in my body & a new sense of clarity & perspective emerged.

My purpose is to make you feel the same as I did then. To help you experience calm & space. To provide a platform for you to learn to be gentle & loving towards yourself & also understand when you need to release fear & face a challenge head on.

I'll help you to relieve some of the aches and pains from long hours driving or sitting at a desk & give you tools that you can take off the mat & into your every day life.
My purpose is to make people feel really good, to focus and start to experience a bit of calm and clarity. It’s the best feeling when people start to realise that with a bit of persistence they can start to really improve their bodies and minds. We learn to be gentle and loving towards ourselves (as well as others!) but also know when to push ourselves out of our comfort zones too.

Because I teach meditation as well I like to include that in my classes and accentuate the link between the mind and the body and how either one can influence the other.

When teaching one-to-ones I can give people the opportunity to slow down, relax in a safe environment. I help people to relieve some of the aches and pains from long hours driving or sitting at a desk and start to help them to bring a sense of ease and mindfulness into their daily lives too.

When I’m not in yoga leggings I can be seen cycling along the Sussex lanes (yes, more lycra!) or in a wetsuit down on Wittering beach as I love to surf, there’s just something about the sea that washes any cares and worries away!

My motto for life? Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.


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