Megan Grandinetti

York, PA
United States

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Megan received her 200-hour certification in the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. Then one day, she walked into a teacher’s classroom, and his adjustments were so powerful and transformative that she kept going back. That teacher introduced her to the world of Ashtanga, where deep and powerful assists are an integral part of the practice. Megan completed a 100-hour Ashtanga and vinyasa training program in New York, and has continued to practice and study with several well-known and revered Ashtanga teachers around the world. Her dedication to her own practice and to her continued learning as a teacher has cultivated a grounding and intuitive presence that permeates her life and her teaching.

Megan uses hands-on, deep assists in all of her classes. Her students come away from class feeling loved, supported and empowered in their practices.


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