Megan MacCarthy

Burlington, WI
United States
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Megan is a passionate yoga teacher and energy medicine practitioner with an infectious personality. She was introduced to the meditative and breathing facets of yoga more than 20 years ago in Boulder, CO as a holistic option to control panic attacks. Learning the psychological causes and physical attributes of stress at a relatively young age taught her the importance of a calm mind. Her teaching style is a reflection of the empowering belief that yoga cultivates awareness; the earlier in life we discover this tool, the happier and healthier we can be.

Whether she is instructing a physically challenging flow class, offering a guided Deep Relaxation for individuals healing from injury or disease, or creating a personalized therapeutic home practice for a client, Megan makes yoga accessible to everyone. The practice of yoga changes and grows according to our age, allotted time and our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Her gift as a teacher is the ability to meet her students on their terms, encouraging each student to find his or her meaning of yoga.

Megan completed her RYT with an emphasis on Anusara, enjoying the heart centered alignment principles. She has been blessed with Nischala Joy Devi’s inspiring guidance while studying therapeutic yoga. Personally and professionally, Megan continues to explore and appreciate that the deepest levels of yoga are experienced on the subtle level with the breath and the mind. Her classes blend alignment and pranic body awareness with a lighthearted approach. She is currently working toward her 1,000 hour yoga therapy certification as outlined by the IAYT.

With a desire to deepen her knowledge of the energy body, Megan completed a 2 1/2 year energy medicine training with the Healing Touch Program in 2013 and is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. She is also certified small animal Level 2 Healing Touch for Animals and offers private Healing Touch appointments to animals and their humans.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Knowledge and expertise

Megan is very skilled, thoughtful teacher and practitioner with a kind smile and gentle touch, she is also very versatile and brings her knowledge and healing energy to every class she teaches. Her love of the practice shows in her classes and in her studio.