Meghan Stepnowski

Puerto Viejo
Costa Rica

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Meghan came to yoga through the practice of Seva, or devotional service. She is currently the lead ESL teacher for the Peace Through Yoga Foundation in the Caribbean Jungle of Carbon, Costa Rica
Her practice grew from physical to spiritual studies, as well as the incorporation of lifelong love of service, a seed planted early on by her mother who grows continually intertwined with her yoga. Yoga motivates her to live well, love openly, and serve all. Meghan completed teacher training with Seaside yoga in Wilmington North Carolina in 2005. She has practiced for years with Kristen Cooper at the Wilmington Yoga Center and had the fortune to experience the presence of many other amazing teachers worldwide over the past decade. She teachers hatha yoga for all; from children to seniors, from vinyasa, to basic. She is eternally grateful for all who have crossed her path in the past and for all those to come. She hopes to inspire her students to see yoga beyond the physical, “To live to see that which comes as seed, goes to the next as blossom, and that which comes as blossom, goes forth as fruit” in order to plant the strength and beauty of asana for an inspired and empowered life.


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