Mehmet Ali Kara


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Mehmet Ali was born in 1983 in Kayseri and studied Industrial Engineering at Yıldız Technical University,İstanbul. After he was graduated, started working as an analyst in various technology companies. He decided to register in Pilates classes in order to strengthen his core power and balance that he needs for one of his greatest passions, Flamenco dance. One day, when he was late for his Pilates he ended up joining a Yoga class with which he fell in love immediately. To be able to dive into the depths of Yoga, he decided to participate in Yoga Alliance 200 Hours Teacher Training Programme during which he attended the workshops of Nicole Ohme, Dechen Turman, Seane Corne, Adam Keen and other well-experienced teachers. For him, Yoga became the path to his inner body, his soul, so he enrolled in Yoga Alliance 200 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Programme to deepen his anatomy knowledge and to learn niceties of Yin-side of Yoga. His Yoga is now mastered in the secrets of the human body and awareness of its mind. In his classes, he is dedicated to share his knowledge and to be energized by his students to learn even more about Yoga as a student himself.


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