Meisha Amaya Cantu, ERYT500, YACEP

Taos, NM
United States

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I have worked in Physical Therapy for four and a half years as a Technician and specialize in Yoga and Exercise Therapy, Myofascial Movement & Release, Whole Body Care, as well as Holistic Wellness and Life Coaching. In my private practice, I teach a variety of techniques/methods: Healing Arts, Yoga Therapy, exercise, movement and dance, body assessment and modalities (hot and cold treatments, topical gels and salves, essential oils, vibration, etc.).

I teach a variety of breath, meditation, and relaxation techniques (Qi Gong, Reiki, Decompression, Somatic Awareness, Guided, Sounding, Mindfulness, Walking, Yogic Chanting, Middle-Eastern Drumming/Rhythms, Healing Arts Journaling, Ritual/Ceremony , etc.)

Having sustained many injuries and having suffered through years of chronic pain, I believe that Yoga is for everyone and that it can facilitate deep healing. The bulk of my work is through private lessons and through a Physical Therapy clinic. I am also available for consultations via phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp, and FaceTime. I have served thousands of patients and clients from Northern New Mexico since 2010 while working in the Medical Field and as a private practitioner. I am here to serve YOU.

Private Yoga with Meisha Amaya

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1 hr private lesson$6060 min   Book
1 12 hr private lesson$9090 min   Book
4- 1 12 hr privates$31090 min   Book
Phone or email consultation$2030 min   Book
Reiki andor Qigong$6060 min   Book
SkypeWhatsAppFaceTime$2030 min   Book
SkypeWhatsAppFaceTime$3545 min   Book
Small group 3-4 people$9090 min   Book

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