Melanie Chetty

Durban KZN
South Africa

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I am a physiotherapist(BPhysio),therapeutic aromatherapist(dipA), therapeutic reflexologist(dipR). My yoga began with a desperate need to heal my body following a back injury years before, which left me feeling rather old because of the many things my body could not do ( despite having so much at my disposal to manage pain and dysfunction) And so began my beautiful journey of nurturing a wonderful relationship with myself and those around challenging was the acknowledgement and respect for my body's abilities and limitations. I realised that I did not have to assume those incredible,amazing but for me difficult/awkward postures be able to do yoga. And so my "inside out" journey began!!! After 3 years of practice and transformation I decided that I wanted to share this with others, especially my and so began my teacher training with an amazing instructor who showed me that so much is possible.
I love the deep and humbling experience that yoga has brought into my life. It has also contributed to the holistic approach that I enjoy sharing with my patients/clients. I love when people, especially my patients, feel that this beautiful art is 'DO-ABLE'....rather than shying away from this practice simply because they see incredible postures that they believe isn't for them. There is so much benefit and everyone the world over has deserves a wonderful sense of wellbeing. For me, It is a wonderful, rewarding feeling to be a part of the joy of transformation. And I am deeply grateful for where I am in my yogic journey.


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