Melanie Lowe Fismer

United Kingdom

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Born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, Mel instantly fell in love with the heat of Hot Yoga. It was her only solace in this cold country, where she could feel at home barefoot and free. Mel first discovered yoga in the late 90's in her teens, after health problems affected her parents. She felt that these health issues could have been avoided or managed more effectively, had her parents been more aware and connected to their bodies. Hence, her mission to stay connected in feeling with the mind, body and spirit and guide others to do this too. Mel qualified as a traditional Hatha Yoga teacher in India in 2006, she later went back to the same Ashram in 2009 and immersed herself further in the teachings and received an advanced diploma in the same lineage Swami Satyananda Sarawati. In 2011 she graduated from the Bikram Yoga TTC in LA and has been teaching all over London since. More recently, she was blessed to be able to train with Ana Forrest completing both the Foundation and Advanced trainings and is currently on a year long mentorship program with one of the Forrest Yoga Guardians. Mel encourages her students to work hard through teaching in a compassionate way, creating a sense of freedom, a connection to spirit and the courage to walk as spirit dictates.


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