Melanie McNally

Atlanta, GA
United States

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I began my journey in college, taking yoga between classes, but after graduation, my life got busier, and my practice got pushed aside. I spent the next ten years of my life as an advertising executive, overworked, overweight, and stressed out. I was juggling family and work schedules, and taking care of me was the last thing on my mind. At age 35 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The meds and the disease left my brain in a fog. I wasn't sleeping and was constantly fatigued. All the research recommended light exercise and yoga. Seeking relief, I committed to doing yoga five days a week, and soon my life changed dramatically. Not only did I look and feel better, but I lost weight, and gained muscle tone. With medical supervision, I was able to go off almost all the meds I had been taking. I felt myself again, with a future.
Yoga is the best thing that has ever happen to me. The more yoga I do, the better I feel, and my passion is to share the positive effects yoga with others. With calm reassurance, I teach to all levels of experience, and to all ages and body types, from introductory postures to challenging sequences. My goal as a teacher is to empower my students by encouraging movement of the body to invigorate the breath, and to maintain presence. I give gentle hands-on assistance throughout the classes to enhance poses, and if you are lucky you might get a massage.
I like to start each class with a warm-up and then set an 'intention'. I believe yoga should help you still your mind and get you in touch with your body. I incorporate; breath work, humor, facts about your body, good music, and mindfulness into each class. I hope each student to leaves my class feeling relaxed, energized, and confident. I believe it is vital to emphasize not only the physical but the emotional health of my students. I encourage open hearts, and open minds so that students can carry that openness with them when they the class room. My classes are fun, with lots of smiling and laughter, a safe space to grow and learn, free from judgment and criticism.


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