Melanie Wachsman

la, CA
United States

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Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to get the mind, body, and spirit ready for the shifts and changes of pregnancy and childbirth. Our bodies are meant to give birth.
Childbirth is a mental and physical event that sometimes takes a lot of stamina. Our current lifestyle puts our bodies in positions that are not conducive for labor. In class we will work on exercises for alignment, strength, and optimal fetal positioning, opening the body and making space for baby.
In class we work on exercises and breath work to strengthen the mind. Labor is full of sensation. Labor is much more manageable when the mind is OK with sensation in the body. You can’t escape contractions. Breath is a beautiful tool in navigating contractions.
Prenatal yoga is also a wonderful way to create community and long-lasting friendships with mamas like yourself.


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