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Perth WA

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The graduate in Psychology Melina Maldonado founded Naturalmente Holistic with the purpose of link her traditional and holistic knowledge.

For the last 11 years she has studied with great teachers in the areas of mental health, personal development, spirituality, meditation, and yoga around the world. Her work has even reached desolate communities in the Australian Desert.

Her knowledge base ranges from traditional psychology to a more holistic approach using yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques. She has extensive experience with people on the autism spectrum, as experienced this within her own family, in several years of work experience, including his thesis.
Listening from the heart, transmitting her light, she wants to connect with your light. So that you can live in abundance, security, recognizing yourself as unique, creating a new reality in your mind and soul, supporting whoever wants to live the healthiest existence in the time we have in this world.

Melina offers private and group yoga classes

For more information you can go to
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Naturalmente Holistico


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