Melinda Hayes

San Pedro, CA
United States

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Melinda has been practicing and studying yoga for almost 15 years. Her practice began as a dance student at Arizona State University where professors integrated yoga in technique classes to compliment their training. Yoga, like dance uses eccentric muscle movement to build long, strong, lean and efficient muscles. As her dance career came to a close and the injuries left behind became more evident she sought out relief in Yoga. Over the past 14 years a yoga practice has been one of few consistencies in a busy and rewarding life. One of Melinda's passions has been to share with others the therapeutic benefits she has personally received from yoga and yoga therapy.
Melinda has been trained as a Yoga instructor with White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California. Participating in a residential retreat to obtain a 200 hour instructor course. She is also currently enrolled in Loyola Marymount University Extension - Yoga Therapy RX program where she is being trained to treat patients/clients on an individual basis for injury treatment, prevention and a holistic approach at healing through the Art of Yoga.