Melinda Hunt

Durham, NC
United States

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I'm a full time yoga teacher passionate about giving people tools to reconnect with themselves. My focus is on mentoring for personal practice and personal yoga instruction.

I specialize in making yoga accessible to people who may not feel comfortable in a class environment, working with physical concerns and issues, and teaching body and self awareness. My clients are beginners and athletes and longtime practitioners. They are normal people with normal bodies – like YOU. Each one is unique, but they all have something important in common: An underlying desire to connect with themselves.

Yoga is more than exercise. It’s a way of being in conscious conversation with your body, your mind and your whole life. The way I teach supports this process. I ask questions that both respect and increase your knowledge of your own body – and we work together to adapt the practice for your personal needs. Working one on one means there’s no pressure to fit yourself into a mold that doesn’t feel right – yoga was never meant to force us into crowded rooms or tight pants or pretzel shapes if that’s not our thing.


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