Melissa Brooke

West Hollywood, CA
United States

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An educator to her core, Melissa has worn many teaching hats. After completing her Masters in Education, she ran a sexuality education program and worked as a health educator teaching mindfulness, stress management, and communication. Hoping to utilize her skills in inspiring self-compassion and confidence, she packed up her cubicle and dove into a journey of discovery. Her first stop was to complete her 200-hour yoga teacher certification at Studio Surya.

Yoga had been Melissa’s devoted companion for years, and embracing it as her life’s work was a move that felt undoubtedly right. In her classes, she guides her students to find ease, lightness, and solace in their own skin as they practice listening to their voice within. Melissa invites her students to embrace playfulness and joy at every turn. She loves the diversity of stories and hearts in her classes and works with both adults and adolescents to empower and inspire. She continues to see firsthand that nurturing where you are is the only way to get where you’re going, and she is eager to share this with her students. Growing up by the ocean, Melissa gathers her strength and inspiration from the shore and will jump at any opportunity for sand beneath her feet and a book by her side. She is especially excited to be a part of the Golden Bridge family and to mix heart and philosophy with the sweaty, strengthening flows of GB Hot Yoga. Say hello at

"The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel." - Danielle LaPorte


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