Melissa Fraser

fredericton, NB
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I need to learn everything the hard been the story of my life. I understand now it's been to teach me compassion and to understand people on an intimate level.
I have spent the last decade sharing my knowledge, experience and wisdom to help thousands of people on their transformational journey. Yoga, meditation, Holistic nutrition and detoxes (steeped in Ayurvedic & TCM principals) acupuncture, hypnosis, lifestyle programs and mindset enhancement are a few tools I use for coaching clients towards their brightest and best selves. Leading by example is now the story of my life!
I thrive in the great outdoors and most happy when my feet are dirty and my hair a little messy. Words inspire me and movement, food, passion and laughter ignite my spirit. I am an entrepreneur with drive to leave my world a little healthier than than I found it. I work to show up as my brightest and best self each day, with the awareness to recognize that each day is different.

A bit more about I have spent my life (the last 15 years) working in the wellness field. Starting out teaching fitness classes and individual conditioning, moving into more of a nutrition focus in 2005. After studying Holistic Nutrition and travelling to India to spend a couple of months immersed in authentic ashram life and completing my first of many yoga trainings, I took a year long position with a Detox Retreat. While facilitating 10-Day, on sight, full body cleanse programs, I had the pleasure of working with many unique cases, displaying all sorts of "dis-ease" symptoms. I have continued to cleanse and detox seasonally while working along side clients to support their detox journey. 2012 was a busy year for me, becoming a Licensed Acupuncturist and studying Ayurveda. In 2013, I went through an intensive coaching certification process. This program offered me tools for overcoming negative emotions, effective communication models and countless other tools for getting out of our own way, creating routes around obstacles and opening up to what is possible. The knowledge I gained through study and practice of these ancient systems infuses all the programs I create, making them fundamentally balancing for your body, while looking at you as a whole person.

I aspire to leave each person's life, I touch, a little healthier. To reach for our highest goals requires energy. To show up as our brightest selves involves building clean energy with clean fuel through all of our senses. I have designed the "Detox Your Life Program" to allow us seasonally to hit the reset button and over the course of a whole year become the brightest and best version of ourself.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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