Melissa LaTorre

Montclair, NJ
United States

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Melissa Latorre is a jewelry designer, specializing in gemstone healing. Incorporating gemstones in most of her designs, she believes in the power they possess to heal. She is a self taught jewelry designer and has been such for the last 6 years. Melissa specializes in making malas and "yoga" jewelry wear. She has been doing workshops at local yoga studios on "how to make malas" and lecturing on how to utilize them into ones meditation practice. Melissa fell into the art of creating yoga jewelry wear; upon a lecture at her yoga teacher training. The presenter was there to discuss and play the harmonium for the class, but around her neck there laid a beautiful mala. Melissa instantly fell in love and wanted desperately to make her own. As time passed, people started to notice her malas, and began placing special requests for her to make them their very own. Since then, Melissa has built a business not only around the thing that she clung to as a creative outlet but also something that has now given her the ability to practice meditation daily.

Melissa LaTorre is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching for over 4 years. She currently teaches a flow vinyasa style practice, incorporating breath work and her consistent message of "honoring your body". Her classes offer everyone the opportunity to be present in their bodies and move to their own she teaches at Sunlight of the Spirit yoga studio, Indigo Yoga Studio, and at a women's substance abuse treatment facility in orange, NJ. More importantly, she is also the daughter to a second generational puerto rican family and the first to break away from the "work to live" cycle, embarking on a nontraditional business venture as a blossoming entrepreneur. Her latin roots are at her core one of the most important gifts her mother has passed onto her. Melissa looks to inspire other talented young women to listen to their hearts and have the courage to shine on regardless of the obstacles.

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