Melissa Magdaly Macareno Martinez

Novi Sad

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Zdravo! Hello! Hola! Cioa!

My name is Mel(issa) and I am a passionate person about Yoga and philosophy. My journey in this beautiful stretching lifestyle was a gif from a guy I meet once, and with whom I practiced acro-yoga. It changed my life! From that time (somewhere in 2014) I keep practicing and knowing myself, body and mind. I'm still learning, we all students, we all professors.
I practiced in distinct places with different instructors, but especially in my city: Querétaro; then I have been jamming and meeting yoginis who want to play and learn together.
If you are interested in trying Yoga and you like my energy, through my letters… let's try to contact; and don't hesitate, just stretch and hear your breath. It is time to go to the center!


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