Melissa Martinez-Crowley

United States

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Melissa has relocated to Minnesota and is looking for teaching opportunities in the south metro area. She will like to continue her journey of teaching yoga and is eager to share her experiences with new students.

Melissa grew up in Puerto Rico, and came to North Carolina via Minnesota. And is now back in the Bold North.
Her goal is to teach yoga in an instructing, trusting and compassionate way where she can show a student how to feel comfortable moving through poses and to be self aware of body responses while establishing a mind-body connection.
Her method of teaching yoga is accommodating, challenging and welcoming. Each yoga mat in the room represents a single yoga student in the need of respect, non-judgment, mind-body connection and peace. She has music, verbal queues and physical adjustments.

She teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Yin N Flow and Guided Meditation in a group, studio, community and private setting. She speaks Spanish and English.


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