Melissa Milling

Cambridge, MA
United States

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I specialize in corporate wellness on-site Yoga classes in the Boston area. The types of Yoga I specialize in is Vinyasa Flow with a restorative and relaxing essence. My all-level classes are conducted with flow and I focus on the employees ability to completely relax and be present in the moment while having a safe and effective fitness experience. Safety is at the forefront of all of my classes and I give all participants the permission to listen to their bodies and take care of their needs during class. My clients have praised my passion and energy for my ability and love of bringing wellness to their companies employees.

Some reviews from my current clients:

"Melissa is an amazing instructor, I feel energized and good and I will for sure continue going" - Acceleron Pharma Corporate Wellness Program

“ I always looked forward to my workouts because my instructor brought fun, energy, positivity, and new challenges each day. It was very helpful to have these sessions become a staple of my weekly routine, and it brought a nice balance to my work/life goals. I definitely would not have been able to climb Mt. Elbert in Colorado (14.5k feet!) without this training! ” - , E-Dialog Corporate Wellness Program

"I stopped going to our other classes because I didn't really enjoy the last instructor. Melissa is really energetic and I will definitely be attending the class on a regular basis" - Acceleron Pharma Corporate Wellness Program

"She was able to adjust the instructions to the level of the participants giving different options for certain positions, depending on how each one of us can handle it, she started correcting positions as well, which I really appreciate. " – Acceleron Pharma Corporate Wellness Program

“Melissa is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever worked with. She is skilled at training all levels, and tailors workouts to accommodate her clients fitness level. Melissa was reliable, always upbeat, and made my workout fun! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to start a new fitness routine, or improving their existing program.”- , E-Dialog Corporate Wellness Program


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