What is Nude (or Naked) Yoga?

Nude or naked yoga is a sensual yoga practice that embraces the original definition of yoga, derived from the Sanskrit root “Yuj” (which means to join or unite), focusing on creating a stronger, more meaningful connection between a person’s (naked) body and a person’s sensual persona.

The true aim of nude yoga is to reach self-realization, where you are completely in touch with your body, your mind, and your sensuality.

Sensual yoga, tantric yoga, and nude/naked yoga are all ways to help you on your path to enlightenment. They are the physical side of yoga practice, ways to really get to know your body, how far you can push your flexibility and strength, and even make you more comfortable being naked either alone or with an instructor or partner.

Nude yoga or yoga for sensuality might seem new and trendy, but all of it was a part of a centuries old tradition. We might think that our ancestors were prudes, but they were not. Sex and sensuality was a part of their lives and yoga was entrenched and entwined in every aspect of life.

Like all yoga, the asanas or positions and vinyasa or flow of nude and erotic yoga predates even Christianity. Before our Western ideals of what couples’ intimacy could be, there was a cultures in the east that pursued sensual yoga flow. Sensual yoga practice has its roots in over 5,000 years of tradition.

What are some reasons to do nude yoga?

Nude yoga and sensual yoga can be different things. Sensual yoga can be done clothed, and nude yoga can be done without sex or sensuality in mind. There are many reasons to do nude yoga.

Empowerment through Nude Yoga

One is empowerment. Our Western culture equates nudity with sex and that is just not the case. We do many activities in the nude, and yoga should be one of them. As a practice that is all about the realization of the self and the connection to the world around us, our clothing could be getting in the way.

To move the way you need to in yoga, you need to feel comfortable and movable. And the yoga clothes on the market right now can be tight and restrictive. It’s true, some of the asanas require either bare skin or special fabric, which is why you should have the option of being able to do your practice without having anything get in the way or having to squeeze yourself into uncomfortable garb just to do something that human beings have been doing for millennia. Whether your reason to de-robe and loose your clothes be function, freedom, and/or facing your fears book a session NOW!


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