Namaste! I was inspired to create NatURL Moves Yoga + as a bridge towards self-love, body positivity, and radical acceptance. It is my contribution towards a world in which we can embrace ourselves fully and love every last part of us. And from this space of self-love we are better equipped to see the world we live in through the lens of gratitude, wonder, awe, kindness, compassion & ultimately LOVE!

I provide a multitude of fitness and holistic wellness modalitie that encompass total balance and well-being. I aim to provide opportunities to broaden knowledge of one's true Self through yoga (NUDE and clothed), yogic sciences, meditation, functional range conditioning, yoga ball therapy, sound healing, and aromatherapy.

It's my mission to provide a safe and sacred space for all that is free from judgement, encouraging compassion, kindness, community, individuality, authenticity, and mental and physical strength.

Sat Chit Ananda: Truth, Consciousness, & Bliss


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