Namaste! I was inspired to create NatURL Moves Yoga + as a bridge towards self-love, body positivity, and radical acceptance. It is my contribution towards a world in which we can embrace ourselves fully and love every last part of us. And from this space of self-love we are better equipped to see the world we live in through the lens of gratitude, wonder, awe, kindness, compassion & ultimately LOVE!

I provide a multitude of fitness and holistic wellness modalitie that encompass total balance and well-being. I aim to provide opportunities to broaden knowledge of one's true Self through yoga (NUDE and clothed), yogic sciences, meditation, functional range conditioning, yoga ball therapy, sound healing, and aromatherapy.

It's my mission to provide a safe and sacred space for all that is free from judgement, encouraging compassion, kindness, community, individuality, authenticity, and mental and physical strength.

Sat Chit Ananda: Truth, Consciousness, & Bliss


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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Melissa is Great

With Melissa's help and instruction, I'm seeing major changes in the mirror. Melissa is knowledgeable and always friendly. She always brings something new to our sessions and definitely shows up prepared. I can only explain our work as life-changing.

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Melissa was amazing!

My wife and I were in town for a birthday and we wanted to try something new. This was our first time trying Nude Yoga and I don't think it could have gone any better. We are hooked! Melissa made us feel so comfortable and within 2 minutes, being naked wasn't even a thought. My wife and I are both new to Yoga and numerous times we both laughed at our lack of flexibility. Melissa made sure we worked within our range and it was such a relaxing experience. We both highly recommend Melissa and when we return to the area, we are definitely setting up another session.

Steve and Dee

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Amazing Teacher with Beautiful Energy

I have been learning Yoga with Melissa for just about 1 year and in that time I have gone from an absolute beginner (2 classes under my belt before Melissa) to a solid intermediate level.

Melissa is a perfect combination of Body Focus and Spiritual, and has taught me that a well-rounded yoga practice involves internal and external work. She is always very encouraging, and I do not think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face. She is an absolute true professional and I would highly recommend her to anybody who is looking to make a change for the better.

Thank you Melissa for everything!!

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First of hopefully more sessions was very rewarding, being excepted and able to bare my self in body and mind completely .calm and clear direction being give was a perfect beginning to yoga as a newbie.

Beautiful Soul

Lovely X'ing paths with you Graham. Thank you for the kind review. I look forward to having you back on the yoga mat.

Love & light always,


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The teacher that started my Yoga journey.

I am a healthcare provider, and several years ago I started seeing a lot of patients who were also yoga instructors. Wanting to understand my clientele better, I decided to take some local yoga classes. Melissa ended up being my first instructor.

Being a new student, she was very inviting, explaining things specifically to me during my first class. Later that evening, she went above and beyond and followed up via email to ensure that I had a positive experience.

Fast forward several years, my clinical practice is based inside a yoga studio, I’ve taken a 200hr Yoga teacher training, and I teach weekly classes. Melissa was a critical catalyst to my starting this journey.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

All around best hour for mind, body, & soul.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Beginner now loving yoga!!

Melissa is amazing!! As a beginner she was patient with me and adjusted to my injuries. She is great at demonstrating and minor adjustments to ensure you are safe while getting to most of your mat time. I'm hooked and will be going to melissa for a long time to come!

Sat Chit Ananda Robert!

Thank you for the kind review. I love doing what I do. I am glad that you appreciate my offerings and it's f'awesome to hear that you have embarked on a life long journey with the beautiful healing art of yoga.

Sat-chit-ananda! This is a Sanskrit term that describes the nature of reality as it is conceptualized in yogic philosophy. The meaning of the individual words of sat-chit-ananda are as follows: Sat: truth, absolute being or existence-- that which is enduring and unchanging. Chit: consciousness, understanding and comprehension. Ananda: bliss, a state of pure happiness, joy and sensual pleasure.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Melissa Vogt is one of my favorite yogini siStars with a next-level teaching style that is classy, deep, sophisticated and nourishing. She is always mindful of her students level of experience as she moves through her series. Her in-depth and articulate nature in explanation and demonstration of poses creates an easy-to-understand-and-follow class, particularly for her yoga newbies!

Eye Love You, beUtiful!!

Namaste Sister

Thank you for the kind review. I love collaborating with you and your intelligence on super-foods for optimal living. Your Eye'lixers are ahhhhmazing and good for the body, mind and soul, too. The Ultimate Shrooms & Greens keep me energized to show up for my yoga offerings. THANK YOU sunshine!

Love & light always,

Melissa Vogt

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No Shame or Blame in Her Game

Melissa is great. I mean it. She’s all about helping others on their physical and emotional health journey. Every time I take a class with her. It’s personal and fun.

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Update on Melissa’s skills

This rating above was confusing. Here is me revised version.



What are you saying here silly? 5 Stars to you and your hard work and dedication for nearly the past year (where does the time go?!).

Love & light always,

Melissa Vogt

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Amazing Instructor

I have practiced with Melissa for many years and she is amazing. She is always learning new things and bringing them to her students. It is always a great balance of spirit, mind and body.

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Super professional

My physical therapist suggested I do yoga to stretch out my lower back and keep from being in pain.
I did a one on one with Melissa. Melissa was great in that she listened to my problems and we started going through a routine for my low back. If something hurt, we stopped. She taught me how to do the breathwork and several poses. Meditation was great.
She is super professional and nice. Would highly recommend for anybody.

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The most amazing yoga instructor!!!

Cannot say enough great things about Melissa.
From the beginning she makes you feel comfortable and safe. I have practiced yoga for a few years and have never had an instructor be so attentive to my postures. She will correct any small deviations that end up making a huge difference in comfort and safety.


I had heard for years that I could improve my breathing, and Melissa was able, through demonstration and technique, to teach me how to have deep interabdominal life-changing breath awareness. I honestly feel like her guidance is already having a significant impact in my body and my mind
On top of that, she is obsessed with learning about our specific ailing conditions, so she can protect and strengthen her students.
She truly is an all-around incredible yoga instructor and person, and I hope I can keep improving my life through her influence.

BeUtiful student of the healing art of yoga!

Namaste my friend. The divinity in me recognizes and bows to the divine light in you! Fred has the wonder-ful energy. It is an upmost pleasure to teach my biggest passion in life, yoga, to someone who truly longs to unite their body, mind, and soul.