Melissa Williams

Louisville, CO
United States

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Melissa’s classes are designed to help students find comfort and stability on the mat. Through sequencing, breathwork, and attention to alignment, she creates classes that challenge, inspire, and ultimately empower. With the premise that most of us take too little time for ourselves, she designs classes that focus on learning how to take care of and heal from the inside out, reminding students that self-care isn’t a luxury it is a necessity. Through her vinyasa flow style sequencing, connecting breath to movement, she teaches students to be aware of how they move and breathe, and how much of an impact each of these components has on one’s overall wellbeing.
Melissa is an ERYT-200 certified teacher who has been teaching since 2004 having received her certification from the Santa Barbara Yoga Center with specialty training in prenatal/postpartum/and women’s issues as well as children’s yoga. Melissa is the co-owner of the Yoga Junction in Louisville, Colorado.


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