Melody Baker

Indian Wells, CA
United States

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An Ashtanga yoga student since 1998, I have over 15 years of continuous dedicated personal practice through which I continue to experience powerful personal transformation and awareness.

I have had the opportunity to travel to study and practice with many great Ashtanga yoga teachers, including 3 separate month long trips to Mysore, India practicing Primary Series under the tutelage of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath, an amazing authentic Ashtanga experience. I have taken several teacher trainings and have teaching hours certificates totalling over 500 hours with Authorized and Certified Ashtanga teachers including Mark Darby, David Swenson Tim Miller and workshops with Nancy Gilgoff, David Williams, Fiona Stang, Richard Freeman, Harmony Lichty and Eddie Stern. Through my teachers, friends, students and practice, I continue my discovery of true essence of yoga; the responsibility of living mindfully, and the connectedness of all living things.

Life offers us many choices, and yoga has taught me how to discriminate and live mindfully, ethically, and compassionately. Spirituality connotes something different for each of us, but through my yoga practice and community I feel joined into a diverse, broad, and deep range of relationships that define my underlying sense of identity to myself with others, with life, with the earth and all its living beings, and with the universe. Yoga teaches me how to find joy and equanimity in all things.


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