Meredith Phipps

Fort Benning, GA
United States

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As a home schooling mom of three and a proud Army wife, Meredith focuses on providing a place of rest and restoration for those serving in the military and their families. Her own experience and heart for this community has compelled her to spread the love of God and the practice of yoga throughout the Armed Forces.

Struggling with physical limitations, depression, and trauma, her own practice became deeply restorative- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She found her yoga mat became a unique place where she could bring her weaknesses to Christ without shame or judgement from others. After receiving an RYT and RYFT from YogaFaith, Meredith began to offer yoga classes to those around her in an effort to spread the benefits of yoga, meditation, and savasana to the broken, the weary, and the curious.

Meredith's practice is driven by a desire for everyone to experience true freedom from those things that weigh us down. Whether just looking for something new or struggling with drastic setbacks, yoga is for everyone. In a hectic and busy world, she invites all to come find a sacred space of their own.


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