Meryl Winby

West Midlands
United Kingdom

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After spending many years working in incredibly stressful yet dynamic and fast moving environments, Meryl’s Yoga journey began over 10 years ago, initially with a weekly Yoga practice focusing purely on the fitness / exercise element of the practice. However, in a short space of time Meryl became acutely aware of the breadth of Yoga with all its many facets. Meryl’s interest deepened, strengthened and expanded after taking the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Courses 1 and 2, after which she felt compelled to teach and gained her British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma tutored by Paul Fox. Meryl has attended many workshops with internationally renowned Yogis and is currently studying a ‘Yoga Philosophy and Everyday Living’ course – which she says; she knows “will open up many more ‘Yoga avenues’ for both my Students and myself.”

Meryl is passionate about Yoga and the changes that she knows from personal experience it can make to people’s lives – physically, mentally and spiritually. Meryl says; “It is inconceivable to me that I would ever be without my Yoga practice and the feeling of revitalisation, calm, grounding and balance that it gives to me – my aim is always to teach in a way that ensures my Students leave class with those same feelings.” Meryl teaches breath led Hatha Vinyasa Flow classes, which incorporate an initial centering / grounding, followed by a pranayama practice, warm up prep exercises, leading in to a Vinyasa flow asana sequence, followed by a cooling down period, a final pranayama practice to end the physical aspect of the practice and then a meditation / relaxation practice.


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