Mia Campbell


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I grew up in England and Spain and eventually settled into Barcelona where i first discovered yoga. I broke my jaw due to a cycling accident which changed my life in so many positive ways. In those times i found yoga to be the tool to help me keep balance, energy and become more mindful of myself. through this my diet, my well being and my perspective all though yoga. It has now been 4 years where yoga has become apart of my daily life routine.

I then traveled to India for 6 months to reconnect with myself and do my YTT in Goa February 2020.

Yoga is such a powerful tool we can all use to better our lives by becoming more aware and using breath work and synchronized movement to quiet our busy minds.

Yoga changed my life in so many aspects from awareness to health, food, body and mind and I’m hoping to do the same. To open up people to a new way of living that will change their lives forever.

Join me Mia in these classes where I will be hoping to bring some more awareness to your self and surroundings by using yoga to bring you to the present moment.

We will be doing a range from Vinyasa, Hatha and Kundalini which all levels are welcome and the elderly!

Week of November 29TH

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