Mia Silverman

Auckland Auckland
New Zealand

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Having previously been a devotee of Bikram Yoga for a number of years, I discovered Svastha Yoga whilst pregnant with my second son. After attending the pregnancy yoga classes with Svastha Yoga NZ owner Barbara Coley I never looked back!

Based on the teachings of the legendary Sri T Kirshnamacarya, the Svastha Yoga approach has taught me a far deeper awareness of the connection between breath, body and mind, and the importance of developing a practice that is customised to the individual and their personal circumstances rather than a 'one size fits all'

I completed the Svastha Yoga 200hr Teacher Training program mid 2013, and am now taking beginners level and pregnancy yoga classes at the Svastha Yoga New Zealand studios in Mt Eden.

I have also attended a number of workshops, including the Svastha Yoga Therapy modules on Yoga Psychology. More recently, I was lucky enough to attend a week intensive workshop on Pranayama and Yoga for Women with AG and Indra Mohan, both of whom were personal, long-time students of Krishnamacarya.

I have a particular interest in both mental health issues and women's health and continue to develop my studies in these areas.


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