Micah Scholes

Salt Lake City, UT
United States

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Micah helps people use breath and posture to connect with who they really are and what makes them truly happy. As the founder of Scholé Yoga, he teaches at yoga festivals, charity events, and teacher trainings worldwide. A student and teacher of yoga for most of his life, Micah credits yoga with both saving his life and giving it purpose and direction. He is passionate about service in all its forms, and is also an Attorney at Law, having earned his Doctorate in Law at the Quinney College of Law. In his spare time, he enjoys pistol marksmanship, rock climbing, and tai chi. Micah’s classes and trainings share the joy and inspiration that exist in every moment—even those that are difficult and challenging. Students describe his teaching style as intense but empowering. In every class, he guides you to a mental and physical edge where you develop the trust and intuition necessary to achieve your highest aim.


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