Dr. michael Demaria

Pensacola, FL
United States

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As a child I felt a deep connection to nature, others and a vast presence that was a great solace to me. This deep feeling was always hard for me to put into words, as a result, from an early age I explored music, art and poetry as a way to express these feelings that always felt too big for words.

As I grew older I studied philosophy, psychology, and the great wisdom traditions of the world only to finally be led back to a simple truth – all we have is this moment. As a result, my daily meditation and intention is to be as fully present as I can be each moment. This is the guiding philosophy in my yoga and meditation classes.

Life is fleeting and it is a gift to be here right now, breathing and conscious – sharing this fragile spark of life on this amazing planet careening through the universe.

I hope you too will begin to wake up to the adventure of self-discovery and join the mindful revolution happening on the planet today!


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