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I'm an American living in Paris. Alors mes cours sont un mélange d'anglais, Sanskrit et de français. As a student I studied proper alignment via the Iyengar method for four years in Portland, OR and then focused on Vinyasa flow classes.

I created books and iTunes apps "Yoga for Office Professionals" and "Airplane Yoga" because I was in corporate America for 25 years and my corporate students wanted to practice on their own in their busy lifestyles. In addition to teaching at Paris yoga studios, my apartment or your location, I offer on-line "Yoga for Skin" classes at my site (TheZenGuy).

I focus on proper alignment and have private clients, several of which have limited mobility issues as seniors or handicapped proving that yoga can benefit everyone if taught correctly. Private classes in my Paris apartment (10ieme) 45€/hour. Classes in your location/apt/hotel 55€/hour.

Working with men - I'm a believer that men need yoga to not just stay strong and fit but to be flexible. It's not just for men's mothers, girlfriends or sisters any more. Yoga helps men to lengthen their tight hamstrings, open hips and tight chests. Athletic men need flexibility to prevent injury. I offer private and group men's classes in Paris.

Working with women - I encourage women, designed by nature to be more flexible then men, to do yoga with proper alignment to avoid injury and strengthen their core.


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