Michaela Drageset

Costa Mesa, CA
United States

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An amazing goddess that is best known as a continual learner of body movement she is a 500 hr RYT and Aerial Yoga Instructor as well as certified Treat While You Train instructor, a format of Yoga Tune-Up and a Trauma and Resiliancy trained instructor. She teaches body acceptance through building strength and balance in mind and body while incorporating fluid movements. She also loves to be active with Acro Yoga, Rock Climbing, Surfing and Hiking with newer interest including Eschrima - Sword Fighting and uses her knowledge of those activities to deepen her understanding of body movement. She is also working on her Yoga Philosophy Certification from Loyola Maramount University and enjoys the philosophical side of yoga as well as the effects of sounds, chanting, mudras and breath to relate to the sublte body and balance the chakras.


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