Michaelee Jenkins

Glencoe, MN
United States

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I have been practicing yoga for abut 20 years and first started out wanting to bring more flexibility and strength into my body. I had went through many injuries and dealing with soft tissue inflammation and had tried martial arts, various aerobic workouts, biking, machines, but always worked up my muscles so inflaming hot I thought I was going to die and it always took months before I could reduce the pain. When I found yoga it helped me in so many ways, from calming down my type A personality and learning to "breathe" correct, to bringing in peace and contentment into my busy mind and soul not to mention all the other 77 benefits it brought to my physical body and how I "reacted" to the crazy world we live in! I now own a studio and have been teaching for over 8 years. I love sharing the art with others. I earned my certification through The Center for Healthy Living in Eden Prairie, MN. You can contact me direct via cell 952-992-9299 and I would love to visit with you or consult with you on what avenue would be best for your situation. I enjoy working with people who have experienced past injuries and I take a very safe, therapeutic approach during my classes. We teach modifications for all the poses, use props, aromatherapy, calming music, soft lights and soothing waterfalls to make each class different but yet personalized for your benefit.


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