Michal Havkin

Tel Aviv

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My Yoga Path
After more than 30 years of dancing professionally and teaching Modern Dance in Israel and abroad, I found the yoga practice very nutrition and enriching for me.
My teacher is Sandra Sabatini (the author of: Breath - The essence of Yoga), who studied with Vanda Scaravelli (the author of: Awakening the Spine),
for almost 20 year in Florence, Italy.

I am studying and teaching with Sandra Sabatini for the past 15 years.
I have also studied Buddhism and Feldenkries technique for a few years and find a way of integrating it in my practice and teaching.

The yoga I practice and teach is connecting to the breath, gravity and the space around us. It is a slow moving practice with constant awareness to the breath and the minute changes in our body each and every day.
It is about undoing, letting go, releasing, opening and softening with the wish to be quite, to listen.
The practice is suitable for all ages, male and female alike.

For the past 14 years, I have been teaching yoga groups and individuals in Israel. Guiding workshops in England, Italy, Canada, USA, Sweden and India.


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