Michele Smith

Hampton, VA
United States

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Weight loss and knee surgery were the physical ailments that I knew I had to work on – so with help I sought yoga out at the fitness center. I tried four different types of yoga and continued three of them, four to five times a week. It was helping and I became hooked. My aches where easing up and the weight was coming off. What I received as another benefit is it was relieving/healing my anxiety, stress and emotional pain.

Coming onto my yoga mat was my safe place. It was quiet and peaceful. My brain was accepting the movement into stillness. I thought how incredibly beautiful. Everyday life was changing as well, weird right? I was calmer, less reactive, my stress and anxiety decreased to level where my meds were stopped. My family insisted that I was different, I was present. Yoga was helping me! These feelings, mindful of the movements on my yoga mat created bliss. I know today if I had not stepped onto the mat my life would not be where it is today.
The changed encouraged me to seek more from my practice.

Meditation and beginning a home practice began. A yoga retreat that I attended pushed me into wanting to learn more. It was at this point that I began looking for yoga teacher training. The knowledge I would gain would be life changing. Going through YTT at Tribal Yoga in Hampton, VA opened by mind and body, and continued my journey. Sharing the knowledge became important. So with the training I want to give back by providing yoga to others. I want to provide others with a space on the mat to let go safely and let them find that inner peace and calm.


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