Michelle Carter

United Kingdom

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It wasn't till I went travelling and spent time in Thailand and New Zealand that I discovered meditation and yoga. I found a place on my mat where I could discover more about myself than I had in 30yrs! These practices began to change not only my body but my mind.

I travelled to India a few years later, spending 3 months there, delving more into the philosophy of yoga and completed my 200hr training.
Two years later back in India I did a further 300hr qualification and studied Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. I am ever the student and regularly attend workshops and retreats. I've been lucky enough to practice with Jason Crandell, Kino MacGregor, David Swenson, David Williams, Tim Feldman, Joey Miles, Mark Robberds and Laruga Glaser.

Yoga has changed my life- I know the importance of a daily practice for my body and mind. I practice yoga in a dynamic way using vinyasa and longer held postures mostly with the Ashtanga method.

I have been practicing vipassana meditation since 2014 and take a yearly 10 day silent retreat.

I teach dynamically focusing on connection with the breath and emphasis on meditation through movement.


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