Michelle Foreman

Trinidad and Tobago
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My son, the color pink, yoga, the beach, tattoos, Hello Kitty, chemistry, piercings… these are a few of my favorite things!!!

I’m a single mama and a chemist by profession: focused and level-headed. But my flair to be different is where my flamboyant hair, my tattoos and my piercings come in: the perfect expression of who I am, in a world that expects conformity and normalcy as a measure of success.

For me, yoga is the glue that binds these two worlds together; the stability when I’m feeling flighty and the joviality when I start to take myself too seriously. My journey with yoga started in my teens and even though we have sometimes grown apart, we have always found our way back together. If I’m feeling down or anxious, yoga is my grounding cure. When I’m happy and contented, yoga is the best way to celebrate.

Working hard for something that you love is called passion and I have found my passion in yoga.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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