Michelle Heller

Scottsdale, AZ
United States

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Michelle Heller is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance who teaches yoga both privately and publicly.

I discovered yoga on a VHS tape back in the late 90s while working 3 jobs and commuting to college. I practiced from time to time and though I can do a headstand like it’s my job, I didn’t consider myself athletic nor did I have any idea how much of an impact yoga would have on my life.

My first non-VHS tape teachers (and eventually the teachers I trained with) were John Salisbury, Anton Mackey and Desiree Grobstein circa 2008. It was then that I saw arm balances and became hooked. Initially, my type A (go go go) personality loved the physical workout and challenge of maintaining steady breathing whilst contorting my body and flowing with the energy of the room and over time my practice and my understanding of yoga deepened.

On December 10th 2017, the same day my brother had a stroke, I decided that in my next 365 days on the earth I would become a certified yoga instructor to share the joy of yoga with others as a teacher. To date, I have taught at 3 different corporate offices, 2 studios as well as private lessons in the Phoenix metro area.

For me, yoga is about the balance between focus and letting go, breathing through the tough stuff and becoming stronger and more flexible because of it. My classes combine both strength and mobility, positive affirmations and humor. Expect to move, sweat, smile and breathe.

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