Michelle Linane

Reno, NV
United States

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Michelle Linane is a yoga teacher and entrepreneur known for her good nature, activism, and love of helping others. In her early twenties she developed a deep obsession with all things healthy and natural, and completed a in Health Sciences. Driven by her passion for change, she founded Be The Change Yoga & Wellness (San Jose, CA), a donation-based studio with a mission to make the transformative power of yoga available to everyone regardless of financial circumstance. With a strong community focus, Michelle took yoga outside the studio walls and brought yoga programs to local parks, farms, schools and businesses. Having received her yoga teacher certification from internationally acclaimed teacher and author Mark Stephens, Michelle’s classes blend dynamic flow and self-transformation with a clear focus on safe alignment. Still committed to change, innovation and empowerment, Michelle now brings you Love Teaching Yoga- resources in the art, science and business of teaching yoga.


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