Michelle Mackay

United Kingdom

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I have been teaching exercise classes since 1998, when I gained my first RSA qualification and since then have taught an assortment of regular classes, some 'faddy' at a variety of settings. I qualified as a Pilates Instructor in 2007 and have been teaching Pilates for the last 13 years. I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2006 and have worked in almost all areas of Physiotherapy over the last 14 years, now specialising in palliative care. Whilst working as a physiotherapist I have continued teaching a number of weekly classes, but always felt that both of these professions were addressing mainly the physical side of our being and I really felt there was more to our human condition and began taking an interest in mental health and Psychology. I wanted to direct more of my attention to this and I am now undertaking training to become a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.

I attended my first Yoga class in 2014 and immediately became hooked! I really couldn't explain what it was that sparked my passion
but I experienced a real sense of inner peace that I couldn't really explain. I became a regular attender and very quickly completed a years training in the Foundations of Yoga, then soon after completed a 200 hour Diploma in teaching Yoga. I am so excited to have discovered the benefits of Yoga and it encompasses all that I have become interested in and passionate about over the years. I have since completed further Restorative Teacher Training and have become a Healing Space Teacher, involving teaching Yoga to people with life limiting conditions. I have undertaken numerous intensive training sessions and workshops with acclaimed teachers from around the world.

My personal passion is observed in the style of Yoga that I like to teach now, which incorporates a more explorative, somatic approach to movement. In my work as a Specialist Palliative Care Physiotherapist, I spend a lot of time teaching patients methods to reduce stress, anxiety and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system as well as working with specific breathing techniques. I incorporate all of these elements into my Yoga classes and I believe that everybody can benefit from these gems, which are so important in helping us cope with the pressure of every day living.

I am so happy that I went along to that first Yoga class and I continue to learn almost every day and I love to share this learning with those that attend my classes on a weekly basis.


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