Michelle Mackey

San Diego, CA
United States

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My introduction to yoga came at an early age in the guise of exotic stories and tales of India that my Aunt Nancy shared with me as a child. She had lived for several years on the southeast Asian continent acting as secretary to a well-known and highly respected spiritual teacher, Swami Chinmayananda, eventually writing a book about him and his teachings. Through her, I was exposed to the concepts of meditation, vegetarianism, hatha yoga, and other aspects that make the yogic path so distinct.

In 1999, my regular practice of hatha yoga asana took root as a supplement to my rigorous training in the AfroBrazlian dance form Capoeira. Intrigued & inspired by the concept of movement as a spiritual practice, in 2000, I traveled to India where I practiced with Pathabi Jois, who popularized the sequence of postures that characterize "Ashtanga Yoga."

Through the years I have continued to focus on my personal practice of postures, breathing exercises, and meditation, as well as share my experience through teaching others. I have traveled to India and Nepal on several different occasions, deepen my understanding of this ancient and nuanced practice and the context in which it has arisen.

I completed a 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Prana Yoga Center (La Jolla, California) in 2008, and participated in a Resrotative / Yin Yoga Teacher Training intensive with Debora Wayne E-RYT in 2011.

I have been given the title of Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness Consultant upon the completion of 300 hours of Vedic Studies centered around Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra, & Meditation with the American Institute of Vedic Studies in July of 2016.

A regular seated meditation pracitce is the foundation of my yogic practice, and has been an essential tool for helping me to navigate skillfully through my life over the last 20 years. I was initiated in the technique of Transcendental Meditation in 1996, eventually exploring other Meditation techniques. I have spent time on retreat in several meditation centers over the years including: Plum Village Practice Center 2000 (Lineage of Thich Nhat Hahn - France), Green Gulch Farm & Zen Center 2003 & 2008 (Lineage of Suzuki Roshi - Mill Valley, CA), Ithaca Zen Center 2005 (Lineage of Joshu Sasaki Roshi - Ithaca, NY), Dhamma Mahavana 2005 (Vipassana Meditation lineage of S. N. Goenka - Northfork, CA), Phool Chatti Ashram 2006 (Center for Yoga & Meditation - Rishikesh, India), Dhamma Dena Vipassana Center 2012 (Vipassana Meditation lineage S. N. Goenka - Joshua Tree, CA)

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