Michelle Marlahan

Sacramento, CA
United States

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When I was first learning about yoga in the mid 90s, it felt like all these separate parts of myself came together and finally made sense (well, most of the time).

These days, my yoga is inspired by poetry, nature, slowing down, and a fascination for the human body. As a teacher, I encourage curiosity and interest in the process rather than reaching a final destination.

My favorite teaching happens in the collaboration sessions of our 200 and 300 hour Teacher Training programs. I also love hosting workshops and retreats. But the real work is in the day-to-day — those who show up for practice amid all the other things in life. And for that, I love weekly classes, where we balance the seriousness and instruction with levity and lightness and fun. In yoga, there is enough room for whatever comes up.

When I’m not teaching, writing, or working behind the scenes, I love hiking, taking photos, waving at animals, daydreaming, making funny sounds on my guitar and taking naps.