Michelle Marshall

Lake Stevens, WA
United States
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I currently teach and am co-owner at Bindi Yoga Center located in Lynnwood, WA. I also teach privates and semi-privates in and outside of the studio. I started my yoga journey in high school where I found myself craving yoga everyday! I decided to get my 200Hr teaching certificate through Yoga Works and have been teaching since 2009. Along with my yoga training, I attended Bastyr University and obtained my Bachelors of Exercise Science degree which has expanded my knowledge of the human body and how it works. I believe yoga should be practiced very safely and believe in good alignment and positioning the body to each individual. Come take my class or message me for private group events!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Compassionate teacher with vibrant energy

Michelle's energy and love for yoga is contagious. As a person who has gone to numerous studios and experienced a diverse group of teachers, I have to say that Michelle is a stand out. You know that if you go to one of her classes you'll get a great workout all while having great form. Each class is never the same, which is a testament to how much time she puts into planning. She also has great musical taste:) I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Michelle MarshallJuly 28, 2015
Thanks Emily!

Thanks for your kind words, they really touched me! Thanks for always bringing your beautiful smile to the studio and allowing me to guide you into your practice! You are amazing and I am proud to have you at Bindi :)

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Awesome teacher!

I have had the pleasure of taking classes from Michelle for over 2 years now and love not only her great personality but also her teaching style. No class ever is exactly the same, which makes it so interesting.The experience of her practice is a very balanced one for both mind and body. Michelle is not only extremely knowledgable but also an excellent leader/ teacher. She always notices EVERYTHING going on in that room!


As an older, less flexible person, I love that she makes adjustments for every level and ability while treating every student the same. In Michelle's classroom I feel comfortable, encouraged and empowered. She challenges her students to do their personal best that day, that moment. I would say she is a natural at what she does - it's her calling!

Michelle MarshallJune 16, 2015
You are so kind!

Thank you for such kind thoughts and THAT is why I LOVE what I do...teaching yoga to the community! Keep up the great work in class Freddie! You are an amazing individual to have at the studio :)

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Michelle Knows Anatomy & Uses it Instinctively

Knowing anatomy and using it as a radical philosophy is not Michelle's style, instead, she is instinctive about how she integrates it into her instruction. All of her explanation is backed by an understanding of the poses and how to integrate body alignment into a given class.

Michelle MarshallJune 16, 2015
Thanks Kathy!

Alignment as you know Kathy, is super important in preventing injuries and elevating your practice to the next level! Thanks for your insight!

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Friendly, Caring, and Inspirational

Michelle instantly made me feel at home in her yoga studio. She greeted me with a smile every day, she is always so encouraging and knows how to push you, and she honestly cares about you. She has become such an inspiration for me in my yoga practice. She will kick your butt in class and helps you become so much stronger mentally and physically.

Michelle MarshallJune 16, 2015
Thanks for the kind words!

YOU have been an inspiration to ME! Thank you so much for bringing your light into the studio every time you have come in!

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Always a great experience

I have had quite a few experiences with Michelle and I must say they are always amazing. She focuses on my needs and my abilities but is able to push me to my limits safely - and her classes at Bindi are some of the funnest I have done! Highly recommend trying one!

Michelle MarshallJune 2, 2015
Thanks for the review!

Thank you so much for writing a review! I am so happy you have had a great experience with me at my home studio. Keep up the great work!