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Growing up in a yogic environment with my mother being a Yoga teacher I was exposed to Yoga from the very beginning. I was also brought up trilingually (English, Czech and German), as my mother is English, my father Czech and I grew up in Munich. I developed a passion for both: languages and Yoga.
First I studied English and Spanish to be a teacher and translator. During my studies, which took many years, Yoga helped me to relax and rejuvenate after long hours of sitting in the library and in front of the computer. Over the years my passion for Yoga had gradually grown to an extent that I wanted to dive into its full depth.
My focus had shifted. Yoga used to empower me in my daily life to do things, to cope; it served as a refuge and vehicle. But the more I practiced the more fascinated I became. I became drawn in to its endless potentials.
Wishing to pass on my interest, I started a Vijnana Yoga teacher training (800h) with Teresa Caldas in 2010.
In 2016, after graduating from university, I decided to take a year off to focus on my passion for Yoga and thus travelled to Varkala where I joined a second Yoga teacher training (Hatha Yoga/200h). In 2018, I took part in a third TTC with Bharath Shetty in Mysore (Ashtanga Vinyasa/250h).
Now I’m back in my hometown Munich where I am teaching yoga with love and devotion.
My personal practice is the Vijnana way: Flow, precision and a state of wide heart.
I like to practice dynamically and restoratively while moving with joy and discovering stillness.

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