Michelle Pickett

Salem, OR
United States

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I have a passion for teaching children and young adults how to create their own Yoga and meditation practice. My personal practice started as a child, and has impacted me in such a positive and powerful way that I want to share it with others. I do this by getting to know my students, making class a place for play and laughter, as well as a safe place for growth and contemplation. I teach gratitude, honoring where we are and how we feel, respecting our differences, and celebrating our unique abilities. I enjoy the silliness that can be in a children's Yoga practice, the imagination and play, as well as seeing excitement for what they are learning. Yoga class is non-competitive, and tailored to each child.

Meditation and relaxation is another important part of what I teach. The children have the freedom to use their imagination in this portion of the class. The goal is for each student to find what helps them calm down, change their thoughts, and take time to control their breath.

Yoga and meditation have practical applications to every day life. Children benefit from Yoga in their personal and social relationships, as well as in school and sports. The role I play is teaching those skills in a fun environment, in ways that plant the seed of self-acceptance and peace.