Michelle Pierce

Miami, FL
United States

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Michelle had no idea what she was getting into when she went to her first yoga class, but she quickly realized that it was not just about flexibility of the body, but more importantly, flexibility of the mind. As one of the greatest serendipitous moments in her life, yoga has symbolized a doorway for her, and through it, she finds inner peace and stability. Through the practice of “hitting the mat,” yoga has seeped into her personal and professional life.

As a profession, Michelle has been an elementary school teacher for the better part of her life. She’s dedicated a decade to influencing young minds, academically. Now, as a yoga teacher to spare, she’s stretched her approach to also focus on the young, whole, mind through meditation. She continues to extend her guidance as both an academic, and yoga teacher for all of her students.

For Michelle, yoga has allowed her to view life from a different angle: coming from a place of empathy and compassion. She’s learned to be more present and it has given her the strength to face her fears and her truth. She’s made the choice to share yoga with others; to help them improve upon themselves while on their journey. As a yoga teacher, Michelle places extra attention on addressing life lessons through dharma, as these talks have been a touchstone for her own healing process through years of practice.

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